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Conserving resources, protecting people

To protect the environment, as well as our own employees and our customers' operating personnel, we design and produce energy-saving, environmentally-friendly plants. We pay particular attention to avoiding the use of harmful or dangerous substances. This saves on energy costs and reduces the consumption of raw materials.

When manufacturing products and plants and in our maintenance activities, we consider aspects such as

  • the potential savings of materials and energy,
  • environmentally-aware materials procurement,
  • reducing the amount of waste generated,
  • improving working conditions,
  • optimizing operational safety.

When procuring materials we give preference to products that spare resources in their production, can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner, demonstrate low energy and water consumption and feature low noise emissions. Alternatives are sought for and used in place of materials which have an impact on the environment or are difficult to dispose of.

We are happy to advise our customers on environmentally-friendly alternatives to plants currently in use and to demonstrate new possibilities.