Quality management and further training

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In all cases, quality and competence are the result of experience and continuity.

We design and build high-quality products and provide services in accordance with certified quality standards. This is based on the quality management system we implemented in 1996 according to ISO 9001:2008. Compliance with the defined standards is audited and verified on a regular basis by Germanischer Lloyd, the classification body.

In recognition of our specialist company status we have a monitoring agreement in accordance with Section 19 I of the German Federal Water Resources Act (WHG). We are also an authorized provider of maintenance services in compliance with calibration regulations.


Before a product leaves our factory, we subject it to incoming, intermediate and final inspections. Where required or agreed, we carry out functional tests or task upstream suppliers or independent experts with conducting quality inspections.

We select our suppliers and subcontractors carefully based on rigorous quality criteria. They are also assessed regularly as part of our quality management system.

Ensuring our staff are qualified is equally important. By participating in internal and external training on an ongoing basis, they continually extend their knowledge and stay informed of new developments.